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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Whenever we have our birthday, we celebrate it with families and friends, we serve different food, we gather round and have a party. They are giving you presents and greeting you and making wishes for you.

How do you feel about that?




Whenever our birthdays are near, maybe most of us often say to other people "my birthday is near, wheres my gift?" Thats pretty normal.

But how about this Christmas day? Its Jesus Christ who is having a birthday. What is your gift for Him?

During our birthday, we are the ones who receives gifts. We receive.

But this season of Christmas, we are the ones who should GIVE. This is the time of giving. Treating everyone around you as Christ, who is celebrating His birthday.

The birth of our Lord who saved us from our sins. The lord who loved us unconditionally. Our Lord who once chosen to be with us, understand us, accept us, LOVE us.

Brothers and Sisters, this season, aside from partying, celebrating, and enjoying the vacation with our loved ones, lets offer a prayer for the man of the day, the birthday celebrant, our MAIN MAN... JESUS CHRIST.


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