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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Whenever we have our birthday, we celebrate it with families and friends, we serve different food, we gather round and have a party. They are giving you presents and greeting you and making wishes for you.

How do you feel about that?




Whenever our birthdays are near, maybe most of us often say to other people "my birthday is near, wheres my gift?" Thats pretty normal.

But how about this Christmas day? Its Jesus Christ who is having a birthday. What is your gift for Him?

During our birthday, we are the ones who receives gifts. We receive.

But this season of Christmas, we are the ones who should GIVE. This is the time of giving. Treating everyone around you as Christ, who is celebrating His birthday.

The birth of our Lord who saved us from our sins. The lord who loved us unconditionally. Our Lord who once chosen to be with us, understand us, accept us, LOVE us.

Brothers and Sisters, this season, aside from partying, celebrating, and enjoying the vacation with our loved ones, lets offer a prayer for the man of the day, the birthday celebrant, our MAIN MAN... JESUS CHRIST.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


I wasn't able to go the Feast today and I am so sad about it.

For those who doesn't know the Kerygma Feast. It is the happiest place on Earth. I am attending the PICC Feast 2nd session.

I am absent today because my little angels are sick. both of the are suffering from colds. I need to be a mommy for them today and be there for them. My youngest daughter Ashly is more fragile. She is the one who gets sick very easily. She is only ten months as of this day.

Every time my daughter gets sick, I am realizing that God is telling me something. He makes me realize how I left out my daughter sometimes because of other stuffs that I want to do. He is tapping my shoulders to slow down, ease up a little bit and be with my kids.

You see, some times in our lives we forgot why we have to work, and do stuffs that are away from our families. But later on, we will realize that it is actually for our the glory of God and our family as well.

I am guilty of doing different stuffs aside from playing and bonding with my kids. And without them being sick, I wont be able to extend hours being with them.

So today, I decided to stay at home, read stories for Emily and watch out for Ashly. I make sure their medicines are taken on time and that they are getting enough rest so that they'll become better before the birth of our Christ.

Advance Merry Christmas Every one!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Greatest Story about FAITH

There are numerous stories about our Faith and it is up to you which story will lift your spirit the most.

For a person who once lost his faith just like me, this story about the professor and his student is the most simple yet exhilarating truth about our faith.

It is actually all over the internet but this story never fails to empower me and make me hold on to th Lord and strengthen my faith more and more each day.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hillsong - From The Inside Out - With Subtitles/Lyrics - Mighty to Save DVD

Indeed all of us are sinners yet all of us still wanted to be saved and live eternal life with God. Many of us have failed not once nor twice in our life and not only us who failed ourselves but also we failed our God. 

What is good about our God is that no matter how many times and how hard we have failed Him, He is always there for us and has always forgiven us. He never failed to love us and embrace us most specially during the times when we feel so down and helpless. 

This song is my song of the day. I remembered all my failures and how I hunger for love from our God and prayed to Him to lift my spirits up. 

Not Your Typical Personal Blog

Another blog of mine...

After all those left out blog who turns out to be so hard to update. Here's another one which hopefully I could maintain as long as I can.

This will be about my journey as a Catholic. My documented blessings. My daily reflections about the word of our Lord.

I don't intend to debate and argue with readers in other religion but only to share the good news and show you the path I am walking through with Christ.

I am a certified sinner but I don't wanna dwell so much with my mistakes but rather get up from it and move on.

So much for my first post I hope to have plenty of readers in this blog for I will be posting stories about life, about inspiring things that hopefully somehow can change someones life.

Lets live a glorious life!